Give these Children and hand up - rather than a hand out


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Promoting Global Learning has set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise £60,000 by 6 February 2016 for the acquisition of 3 mobile library vans for schools in Ghana.

This important resource will help to ensure that all school children acquire the vital skill of reading and writing in their formative years.

Join the campaign to achieve this laudable objective. The clock is ticking!

World Book Day Gallery 2015

Many schools had fun celebrating World Book Day this year.  Click here to see how they celebrated.

What is Promoting Global Learning?

Promoting Global Learning began in Surrey with a small group of individuals who were passionate about seeing change in schools in developing countries. Within a few months we had filled a garage with old textbooks, story books, and stationery kindly donated by a few schools in the county. Now we are collecting boxes and boxes of books, stationery, laptops and much more in warehouses from schools and individuals across the country.